Compressionwear you can wear

Infinity Sport TM is patent pending compression wear that keeps your muscles warm to prevent muscle fatigue as you are shredding the pounds and creating the leanest muscles of your life. The luxurious 4-way stretch fabric wicks sweat away from your body to prevent rash and chaffing. Studies support that compression wear may even enhance your athletic performance.

Your workout requires complete focus as you are running, jumping and moving. You need your athletic wear to hold you in place and to stay secure. Infinity Sport is the only athletic wear that revolutionizes your workout and puts your mind in the game, not on bra/shirt adjustment.

And it doesn't end there. Your one Infinity Sport shirt is so versatile you can wear it to the gym, office or to a party in an infinite number of styles. Halter, two-strap or strapless. We maximize your body to always look and feel your best... No matter what your look is today. 

Using the infinity ring and perfect fabric, you are free to create a beautiful look for any occasion. Perfect for the office, your baby shower, a wedding or simply lounging with your Yoga pants.

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Infinity Sport

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