About Me 

I am a (working/wife/mother) woman, who was just trying to dress her pregnant body.

I was at that stage where I could stuff myself into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I surrendered to pulling out my maternity wardrobe from my first child. I couldn't believe how worn and stretched out everything was. So, I began ordering maternity clothes (again). I was drowning in all of them, but knew in a few short months they would be too small. 

I just wanted a few nice maternity shirts that I could wear throughout my pregnancy. A shirt I could wear to work and special events, but then still feel comfortable in when I snuggled up in my Yoga pants, after work. I wanted something that would transition through the seasons of my pregnancy. I wanted something I could wear often, but not look like I was wearing the same shirt, every day.

And that's how 9 Month Infinity was born.

As a workout-a-holic, I had to try the wrap in my practice. I loved how the wrap stayed exactly where I put it and how I was aware of my core muscles throughout my activity. Meanwhile, everyone was asking me where my top was from. 

After intense testing of dancers, Yogini's, practitioners of Pilates and fitness guru's at wide, we introduce to you, Infinity Sport. 

Her cup of InfiniTEA will be my take on life, today. I believe in growth, so my opinions may change. I also believe the words of others are influential, so I will choose mine wisely. "Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does." Unknown

Expect Typos because I am taking the Facebook approach, "Done is better than perfect." All posts are typed on my iPhone while nursing, pumping or walking.

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